Bulletin 2021


OK Kāpa in collaboration with LOF and Ādaži County Council

Event Programme

Nagaiņi “Zibeņi”, Ādažu county
29th of August 2021
Mass start at 11:00AM

Map and Terrain

Map Scale 1:10 000, H=2.5m
Terrain: Mostly pine forest

Event Concept


Every club relay team consists of 10 club members who participate in total in 7 relay legs

When forming a relay team following age group limitations have to be observed:

Extra condition: The team should have at least 3 women participants and not more than 4 participants from age groups MW20-35

There are no age group or gender limitations for split among exact relay legs.


Teams of relatives, friends, colleagues or other individuals can take part in relay forming a team of 4 members and participating in three relay legs

There are no age group or other limitations for 4FUN teams!

Team Forming Rules


  • Teams consist of one orienteering club members
  • Participants who are not members of orienteering clubs are allowed to form their interest group teams
  • Smaller orienteering clubs can take part with a united team consisting of not more than two orienteering club members or adding participants who are not members of any orienteering club
  • When there are no registered participants of some age group in the club, it has the right to invite team participants who are not the exact orienteering club members
  • Large orienteering club participants can unite with other club members only in the case when there is already one full team registered as Nr.1 team from the respective club. Club members left can also join in one team with participants who are not members of any orienteering club
  • Any unclear situations are resolved solely by event organizers


There are no specific team forming rules for 4FUN teams


  • In all legs, forking/splitting system can be used
  • Before heading to relay changeover the participant OBLIGATORY has to delete SI-card memory (CLEAR)
  • Changeover between team members requires first checking at the finish checkpoint and only afterward touching the next leg participant
  • After the changeover, the next team member takes his own map with HIS number displayed on it and starts his course
  • At the second, fourth and sixth leg two of the team members perform their course at the same time (so-called twin-legs)
  • All twin-leg participants can head to the finish only together with the other team member after joining at a special area next to the last checkpoint
  • 1st,3rd,5th, and 7th legs do attend one last checkpoint, and 2nd, 4th, 6th legs do attend another checkpoint.
  • The winning team is the one whose last leg member reaches the finish line first.

Course Length and Difficulty


LegLengthNumber of CPDifficultyNumber of leg participants CLUB TEAMS
1~ 5 kmmedium1
2~ 4,5 kmmedium 2
3~ 4,5 kmmedium 1
4~ 5 kmmedium 2
5~ 2 kmeasy1
6~ 3,5 kmmedium 2
7~ 6 kmmedium 1


LegLengthNumber of CPDifficultyNumber of leg participants
1~ 5 km medium 1
2~ 4,5 km medium 2
3~ 4,5 km medium 1

Punching System

SPORTident punching system to be used. When no privet SI-card numbers are entered in applications, automatically rented SI-cards are awarded, no option to change the SI-card at the event site.

SIAC rental costs are 1EUR per SI-card

All checkpoints will be switched on in contactless mode. The punching will be available in both contactless and in the traditional modes



Online entries CLUB teams

Online entries 4FUN teams

After the 23rd of August entries only to vacant places will be available (limited number of vacant entries)

Team participant name clarifications among legs are available online until 26th of August 23:59

Finished entry is a guarantee for full payment of the respective entry fee

Entry Fees

Club teams – 100 EUR

4FUN teams – 40 EUR

Entry fee can be paid by money transfer to following bank account:

Organisation: Biedrība „Orientēšanās klubs „Kāpa”
Reg. No: 40008021994
Registered address: O.Vācieša 24-7, Carnikava, LV – 2163
Bank: AS Swedbank
SWIFT: HABALV22 Account:LV93HABA0551032772606

GPS tracking

30-40 teams will be equipped with GPS tracking devices to be used obligatory at 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th legs. Team members will hand over their GPS tracking device to the next respective device user in the team, 1->3, 3->5, 5->7.

Award Ceremony

Orienteering Club teams – six fastest teams will take place in the award ceremony at the event site

4FUN teams – lottery among teams at the event site

Other Information

By entering the event participant agrees that photos and video materials of the event can be published in any media or used for marketing or advertisement of orienteering events. Event participants agree to publish their personal data (Name, Surname) in the start lists and results.